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Mitsubishi VRF sistemleri, ısıtma, soğutma ve havalandırma gibi bina iklimlendirme ihtiyaçlarını karşılamak için tasarlanmış yüksek verimli sistemlerdir. VRF sistemi, "Variable Refrigerant Flow" (değişken soğutucu akışı) kelimesinin kısaltmasıdır ve bu sistemlerin özelliği, farklı kapasitelerdeki iç ünitelerle birleştirilen bir veya birden fazla dış ünite tarafından kontrol edilmesidir. Bu sayede, binaların farklı bölgelerinde farklı sıcaklık ihtiyaçlarına uygun olarak, farklı iç ünitelerin aynı anda çalışması sağlanabilir.

Mitsubishi VRF systems stand out with their environmentally friendly features, high energy efficiency, silent operation, ease of use and long-lasting design. The systems are available in different models and capacities and offer suitable solutions for many different building types, from small offices to large shopping malls.

Our products

Get detailed information about Mitsubishi VRF outdoor units. With their energy efficiency, environment-friendly features and different capacities, Mitsubishi's VRF outdoor units offer a suitable solution for your needs. Visit our page for tips on installation, maintenance and service.

The indoor unit options for the Mitsubishi VRF system are diverse and each provides different benefits. Indoor units are designed in different types such as ceiling type, wall type, floor type, cassette type, duct type, fan coil type.

Mitsubishi VRF systems can be managed with user-friendly control elements. These control elements enable the system to operate effectively and save energy. Control panels are a simple control panel that can be used for both outdoor and indoor units of the systems.

Our services

Corporate air conditioning solutions for your business and spaces ...

With 10 years of industry experience, professional technical team and wide vehicle network, we carry out all processes of VRF air conditioning systems exploration, sales, assembly, maintenance and repair, as well as parts and accessories supply.

In mechanical installation applications, we are able to provide the necessary project consultancy support for improvement by controlling existing systems, and to provide services before and during the implementation phase.

Free discovery service is provided for the selection of the most suitable capacity for the place where the air conditioner will be installed, and to fully understand the technical requirements and consumer expectations.

We design mechanical installation projects according to the needs of our customers with the support of up-to-date calculations and design software with our expert engineers.


After the projecting service, the most suitable device selection and pricing for you.


Device assembly of our valued customers with our expert staff.


We are here to provide quick solutions to your regular maintenance and breakdowns after installation.