Center of a maximum of 64 indoor units with standard weekly timer function
provides control.
1. SC-SL2NA-E centralized controller Superlink Two-core and non-polar to II network It is connected by electric cable.
2. 16 indoor units or 16 groups ensuring on / off control With 16 operating buttons provides.
3.Also, individual units, groups or the operating mode of the whole network, the set temperature value, return air temperature, position of flap vanes and error codes. shows. Fan speed control and central locking (restriction) functions are also available.
4. Numbers of operating units and groups can be seen on the LCD screen.
5. With the On / Off button, it allows groups to be opened and closed collectively.
6. In cases where electricity is cut off during operation, after power is restored, operation is restarted with the saved information.
7. Weekly scheduling can be made. There is also no need for a weekly timer.
8. The number of units that can be connected to a network is shown in the table below.