SC-SL4-AE/BE center offered by MHI remote, 9” wide color LCD up to 128 with screen and touch panel control of the indoor unit, programming and service/maintenance functions can be realized. Indoor units individually or as a group controllable and programmable The following operations can be performed.
SC-SL4-BE centralized controller for each indoor unit, group, Superlink II network and information on electrical power consumption in kW for each power pulse system. as gives. Data can be obtained using a USB memory stick. Information is obtained with a software program supplied with the unit. can be achieved.
* Receiver side power input DC 12V (10mA).
* Air conditioner power consumption calculation is according to OIML, international standards.
Control Display Programming Management / Service
Run/Stop Run status Annual programming Inhibition Definitions
Mode ( cooling/heating/fan) Mode setting Daily Programming Group Definitions
Set temperature value Set temperature value Programming for special days Unit Definitions
Operation enabled/prohibited Room temperature Time and date setting
Fan Speed ​​Operation Alarm memory
Air blowing direction Fan speed Energy consumption calculation period
Filter reset Airflow direction Cumulative energy consumption time
Filter signal Filter warning
3-stage demand control Maintenance (1,2 or back-up)
Ambient Temperature During Use 0-40°C
Energy Supply 1 Phase 100 – 240, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 9W
External Dimensions
Height x Width x Depth
172mm x 250mm x 23(+70)mm
Net Weight 2.0 kg
Maximum Connectable Device
Number (internal devices)
Up to 128 indoor units
LCD Touch Panel 9” wide color LCD
SL (Super Link) Signal Input 1 system
Gas Power Pulse Data Input* 8-Point pulse width 80 ms or more
Emergency Stop Signal
Data input*
1-Point voltage-free network connection input continuous data entry (off, forced stop) Demand Signal Data Input*
2-Point voltage-free network connection input
continuous data entry (off, demand control)
Concurrent Process Data Output
1 Point maximum measured current 40 mA, 24V at full stop: On, when a device is running: Off
Simultaneous Error Data Output
1 Point maximum measured current 40 mA, 24V Normal: Off, If a device is not normal: On
Up to 128 indoor units (max. 128 groups) via PC or tablet provides the possibility of control.